Jackson County is the headquarters of the Ho-Chunk Nation sovereign government and also serves as home to the highest concentration of the Ho-Chunk population. Of the 7,200 members of the Nation, about 5,100 live within the state of Wisconsin and about 1,200 live in Jackson County. The Ho-Chunk People have shared their rich culture with residents opening doors to dialogue, trade and the great artistry of their traditional crafts.

Today the evolution of the Nation’s early relationships with residents continues as their members engage in commerce, partnerships and shared governance to highlight the uniqueness of this beautiful and historic place in Wisconsin.

The Ho-Chunk Nation holds several events throughout the year. None more promoted than the Memorial and Labor Day weekend gatherings held at the Andrew Blackhawk Memorial Pow-Wow Grounds, located on State Highway 54 east of Black River Falls. The pow-wows held during these celebrations feature respected warriors from all nationalities who raise more than 100 flags in honor of the veterans who have proudly served.

The Ho-Chunk Nation continues to make great strides in strengthening its cultural identity as well as growing in economic and personal relationships made over the years. Following a prior Presidential proclamation in support of language revitalization, the Ho-Chunk Nation bridged further relationships with colleges and school districts to share this unique treasure.

For more information about the Ho-Chunk Nation, please visit the “Ho-Chunk Nation” on Facebook, or ho-chunknation.com. And don’t forget Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls where food and entertainment are always available