Wazee Lake is one of the best dives in the Midwest.  At 355 feet, it is the deepest lake in Wisconsin. The water is crystal clear and has lots to explore. During summer months, visibility is 30 to 40 feet—and in the winter, it can be as much as 60 feet.

Wazee Lake has an interesting story. Beginning in the 1960s, the Jackson County Iron Mine Quarry supplied taconite pellets to the steel mills of East Chicago. Massive pumps kept the quarry from filling with water. In April of 1983, when the mine closed, these pumps were turned off and the 355-foot quarry, complete with roadways and a small forest, began to rapidly fill with water. The result was the deepest lake in Wisconsin—and an ideal destination for divers from throughout the Midwest.

Divers can follow the abandoned mining roads as they descend into the depths or swim through the underwater forests. There are a number of sheer rock faces, as well as numerous fish and abundant aquatic plants. You’ll also find a shipwreck that’s fun to explore. During the winter, Wazee Lake offers fantastic ice diving, with visibility better than any other time of year.